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Tale Of Tsar Saltan And Three Sisters

Tale Of Tsar Saltan And Three Sisters


This fairytale nesting doll "Tale Of Tsar Saltan And Three Sisters" is imported directly from Russia. It's hand-carved from birch wood and hand painted by Russian artist. Open it up and it reveals a set of smaller dolls inside. Each one represents scenery from this Russian fairytale by famous writer Aleksandr Sergeevitch Pushkin. Features highly glossed finish and embellished with gold. Makes a great gift or home decoration.

The great Tsar Saltan takes one of three sisters as a bride who gives a birth to a beautiful Prince. But Tsarina's jealous and wicked sisters, who were not chosen to be Tsar's wife, lied to the Tsar his son is deformed and should be given away, and then throw the newborn Tsarevitch and Tsarina into the sea. Set adrift on a stormy sea, the Tsarina and her son, Gvidon, find a new home and a magical friend - a clever enchanted Swan, who eventually reunites the Tsar and his wife and son.

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  • Fairy tale doll
  • Imported from Russia
  • Handmade
  • 8 1/2" Tall
  • 7 Pieces
  • For Ages 10 & Older
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