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Russian Hunters at Rest Tea Glass Holder Set

Russian Hunters at Rest Tea Glass Holder Set


Drink tea the Russian way with this beautiful tea glass holder set. The unique tea glass holder depicts the famous Russian painting "Hunters at Rest" originally painted by Vasily Perov. One of the older hunters is telling a wild story to the younger of the three, while the other one sits by scratching his head as if he's heard the story way too many times; truly an iconic piece of Russian art. The crystal glass is 24% lead and sparkles wonderfully.

To avoid the cracking of the glass when pouring boiling water in it, put a metal spoon in the glass to conduct away some of the heat.

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  • Imported from Russia
  • Set consist of one holder and one glass
  • Holder is 4 1/2" Tall
  • Glass is about 3 3/4" tall, 2 3/4" top diameter, 2 5/16" bottom diameter
  • Glass is 24% leaded crystal
  • Holder is nickel plated
  • Holder is not to be put in dishwasher or microwave
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