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Great Grouse Russian Tea Glass Holder Set

Great Grouse Russian Tea Glass Holder Set


Tea Glass Holder (podstakannik) made in Kolchugino, the famous Russian metal art manufacturer. It is silver plated, with a matching spoon, and a beautiful fine crystal glass. The glass holder itself measures 4 1/2" tall, while the glass measures 3 3/4", with a diameter of 2 5/8". The spoon measures 5 1/2" long. This classic tea glass holder is sure to be a conversation starter.

To avoid the cracking of the glass when pouring boiling water in it, put a metal spoon in the glass to conduct away some of the heat.

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  • Made and imported from Russia
  • Set consist of one holder, one glass, and one teaspoon
  • Silver plated
  • Has famous Kolchugino image of Great Grouse on front
  • Stamped with two Russian Double Eagle Crest
  • Holder: 4 1/2" Tall
  • Includes Tea Glass Holder, Spoon, and Glass
  • Glass: 3 3/4" Tall
  • Spoon: 5 1/2" Long
  • Not for use in a microwave oven or dishwasher
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