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Gradient Larimar Beaded Necklace

Gradient Larimar Beaded Necklace


This bright blue gradient Larimar beaded necklace is finished with a Sterling Silver cone on each end, adding style and flair to the piece. Each bead has a unique white veins, set in the blue like fleecy clouds in a summer sky. The symmetrical necklace is about 19 inches in length, with the beads ranging from Approximately 4.5mm to 12mm in diameter.

Larimar gets its name from a combination of the girl's name Larissa and the word Mar, the Spanish word for Sea. The color of the stone captures the serene green-blue of the Caribbean sea, where Larimar is found.

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  • Necklace Measures: 19" in Length.
  • Largest Bead is 12mm in Diameter, 6.5mm thick.
  • Smallest Bead is 4.5mm in Diameter, 2.5mm thick.
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