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Classic 3 Pcs. Matreshka Set

Classic 3 Pcs. Matreshka Set


This wooden Russian nesting doll is of a classic and traditional design. Authentic, red and yellow, hand-painted wooden "Red Roses" Matryoshka, symbol of traditional Russian folk art. Set consists of three dolls with the largest measuring nearly 3" tall. Small, yet adorable! (Due to the handmade nature, variances in design and color may extraist).

In Russian, the word "Matryoshka" is associated with fertility and motherhood. That is why the many of the first Matryoshka dolls utilized the image of portly, chubby-cheeked mother on the outer doll with the likenesses of her numerous children painted on the smaller inner dolls. Today, when artists are painting a variety of subjects, the image of the robust and cheerful mother is still one of the most popular.

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  • Authentic Russian Nesting Doll
  • Handmade & hand-painted
  • Approximately 3" Tall
  • Small variances may extraist
  • 3 Pieces
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