Warm Grey Russian Orenburg Shawl

Warm Grey Russian Orenburg Shawl

Item No. SH00108A01

Do you want to look absolutely stunning while staying comfy and warm? This shawl is perfect for that. It is 51" x 51" in size, made of 50% down + 50% viscose (nylon), and is a medium to light gray color (that goes with everything). Imported from Russia and authentically made with Russain Orenburg goat's hair.

Orenburg shawls are made from Orenburg goat down Mixed with nylon or other similar material, and feels most like cashmere or mohair. Valuable for its strength, warmth, and coziness, Orenburg shawls and pautinkas have been around since the 18th century, and the super-fine (actually the finest in the world) down of this goat, can only be found in the cold Orenburg region of Russia.

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  • 50% down + 50% viscose
  • 130 x 130 cm / 51" x 51"
  • Very warm
  • Gray color
  • Authentic Orenburg shawl imported from Russia
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Additional Information

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