Sterling Silver Celic Knot Earrings with Turquoise Stones

Sterling Silver Celic Knot Earrings with Turquoise Stones

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Here we have a wonderful set of sterling silver earrings. The earrings measure 1 3/4" long and 3/8" wide, the shinning sterling silver is accented by turquoise stones which measure Approximately 3/16" in length by 1/4" in width. The earrings feature a Celtic Knot design. The designs, symbols, themes, and motifs seen in Celtic Jewelry date back to well before 2000 BC. Considering these simple, yet mesmerizing, patterns have inspired and delighted people for over 4,000 years, we don't think you have to worry about these earrings going out of style anytime soon. The designs are inspired by the age old art form of knot work. Though knot work is seen all throughout the world it is most often immediately associated with the Celts due to its heavy use in their culture. Knot work at its core is the use of symbol geometric shapes arranged in a pattern. The patterns illustrate a unity between all aspects of life. The unity is further extraemplified by the use of turquoise in combination with the genuine .925 sterling silver interlace designs. The raw natural beauty of the turquoise contrasts wonderfully with the elegant classic appeal of the shinning silver; this strikes a balance between the beauty the natural and the man-made. Makes a great addition to any jewelry box!

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  • Earrings: 1 3/4" in Length x 3/8" in Width
  • Turquoise Stones: 3/16" in Length x 1/4" in Width
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