Cute Honey Amber Mouse Pin

Cute Honey Amber Mouse Pin

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This charming pin features the likeness of an adorable mouse. The mouse is constructed of .925 Sterling Silver with details such as ears, and eyes, intricately added to bring out the charm of the piece. The mouse has a piece of 100% natural Baltic amber on its back. The amber is a vibrant honey color, and includes an array of natural inclusions. Natural inclusions in amber are highly sought after. The inclusions are small bits of organic matter such as tree bark, and other plant life which have been trapped inside of the amber stone for millions of years. Amber is the result of a very long process of fossilization, these inclusions found themselves stuck inside of the amber stone when it first started forming - millions of years ago! The mouse measures 1 5/16" in length, while the Baltic amber stone measures about 5/8" in length, and 7/16" in width! This adorable pin would make a great gift for any occasion, or just a unique accessory to add to any outfit.

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  • Pin Measures: 1 5/16" in Length
  • Honey Amber Stones Measure Approximately: 7/16" x 5/8"
  • Chain Not Included
  • Imported from Russia
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Additional Information

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