Unique Amber Objects

Fans and fanatics of amber! Take a look at some very unique amber objects!

(Not including amber jewelry or common carved amber art objects such as amber statuettes)

1. Amber Dice

Not too practical, considering amber's ability to scratch or break easily when thrown around... but pretty cool nonetheless. (Found on Etsy)

Dice made from Amber

2. Amber Tea Cups

Again, not too practical, but definitely wonderful!

Amber Tea Cup

3. Amber Model Ship

An amber model of the Vasa (or Wasa), a Swedish warship that sank during its maiden voyage in 1628, exhibited at the Amber Museum in Kaliningrad. DENIS SINYAKOV.

Amber Ship Model

4. An Amber Casket

Absolutely all amber; no metal or wood was used to create this masterpiece.

Amber casket

5. Amber iPhone

Found on iphone-luxury.com.

Amber iPhone

6. Amber Guitar Pick

For playing the balalaika (Russian guitar).

Amber guitar pick

7. Amber Chess Board

High quality! It took 5 years to complete. (Amberman.com)

Chess board made of amber

8. The Amber Room

The famous amber room must be included in this list.

Amber room image

Do you know of any interesting amber objects that should be in this list?

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