Picking out the Perfect Amber Jewelry

The Perfect Amber Ring

Amber Ring

When choosing a ring that you want to fit perfectly, it is crucial to the length and size of fingers…

For example, long aristocratic fingers studded with massive rings with large stones, look unnatural – these rings are more suitable for girls with wider fingers. Another important factor is also the length of the nails. If you keep long nails, your fingers will seem longer too, thus you can go a little bit bigger. Some other ring advice? Decide where you are going to be wearing the chosen ring. For example, if you work with fabrics, do not buy a ring with sharp edges that could tear the fabric. Also, remember that the ring – a small but very important accessory, affects the complete image. And rings with stones in the form of pears are worn with the narrowed end towards the nail. Now keep all this in the back of your mind and listen to your gut while you are shopping for a ring for yourself!

Necklace/Chain Length Guide

The Perfect Amber Necklace

A couple of things to keep in mind when purchasing a necklace…

When you buy a necklace or chain, make sure you know the neck size of who you are buying for. This is especially important when buying a necklace online from a great site like The Russian Store. All of our jewelry options have sizes, and chains and necklaces have total lengths. Be sure to read the description and bullet points carefully because there are many different styles and lengths! When choosing a colorful beaded necklace, make sure that the color of the necklace is combined with the tone of your skin. It is okay if the color blends in with the clothes, but if it is unprofitable to set off the skin tone; your style will only lose. One more thing to keep in mind is the clasp. Many necklaces have a classic lobster claw clasp, but some have modern toggles, or none at all. Happy Shopping!

The Perfect Amber Earrings

With so much to choose from where do you start? Keep these pointers in mind while you shop for the right pair…

Size of earrings is very important for the style or image that you want to create. The larger the earring, the more visible, and the more attention they draw to your face and neck. Large and/or dangling earrings are not suitable for every woman – it all depends on the size of the face and features. The best way to determine what is right for you is to experiment! Fun! When buying earrings it is also important to remember that small, subtle earrings visually enlarge the facial features, while big earrings make them smaller. So big earrings help you visually lose a few pounds! Choose earrings proportional to your facial features, but are the opposite shape of your head. For example, round faced girls are not encouraged to wear round earrings because it will make their face look even rounder. Thus, long faced women should probably not wear thin, long earrings. Good luck finding the perfect pair of earrings, and please be sure to read the descriptions of each item carefully to find out the exact size.

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