The Cool, I Mean Warm, Ushanka Hat

It’s getting close to Winter. Get ready in fabulous style with the ever famous Russian Ushanka Hat! (aka уша́нка, trooper, trapper hat, shapka, chapka)

Cool Ushankas

It’s cool because you can feel like royalty wearing one. Especially if it’s real fur, but the faux fur hats are pretty freaking "awesome" or "hip" or whatever the "cool kids" are saying these days, as well. Don’t believe me? Buy it and try it. I bet you’re gonna like it! (But maybe don’t get one at the mall… there are many look-alike "ushanka" hats out there, but a real ushanka hat is the way to go. I very much like the one I got from The Russian Store).

Warm Ushankas

It is warm because of the obvious reason, the ear flaps, as well as the structure or how they are made, and they are made well. Russians have a thing for high quality? Perhaps, but my hat seemed to have numerous layers with a wonderful fit. Also, real fur is definitely warmer, but like I said, I like my faux fur one.

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If you wear a lot of baseball hats then you may think you know your size already, however it is wise to measure your head following our guidelines. There is a ushanka hat sizing chart that translates Russian sizes into American sizes, and even a video on how to find the right sized ushanka hat, right here in our blog. Generally, ushankas look better looser than tighter.

Consider the following things about Ushanka hats:

  • For early Christmas shoppers, this hat is an excellent gift, and for Halloween shoppers this hat is the key to your Russian costume.
  • For those who like to try to make their own Ushanka hat, there is a pretty good article on e-how. After you make your own hat, you could always buy an inexpensive Soviet Insignia Star Emblem from The Russian Store to attach.
  • The "hat with ear flaps" is The Vine’s list of Top Ten Iconic Hats.
  • Once you have a real Russian Winter hat, you can have fun doing the Russian Hat Dance!
  • I just love my Russian Ushanka hat. I feel cool, yet warm!

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Lindsey Mae is freelance artist who enjoys writing fun blog posts for and The Russian Store.

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