Which one: Stolichnaya or Smirnoff Vodka?

For some people, "Russia" is synonymous with "vodka," so here is a quick post about it.

Vodka 101

Vodka can be distilled from virtually any ferment-able ingredients… potatoes, corn, and wheat are among the top three used for making delicious vodka.

Popular Russian vodka brands: Beluga Vodka, Kauffman Vodka, Stolichnaya Vodka, Moskovskaya Russian, and many more… there are over 3000 brands of Russian vodka…

"Voda" is the Russian word for "water."

Matryoshka Design Vodka Bottle
A matryoshka vodka bottle design

Vodka FYI

Smirnoff claims to be Russian vodka, but technically it is not.

Vodka expires! Drink it within 12 months of the production date for best taste.

I don’t recommend it, but you could always make your own vodka at home.

If you want to drink vodka like a Russian, then drink it with a pickled cucumber!

You can infuse vodka with just about anything.

Vodka Gifts

Know someone who would love to get a bottle of vodka for their birthday or other special occasion?

Well how about presenting a vodka gift in one of our bottle holders?

Or maybe throw in a cool Russian vodka t-shirt!

Perhaps he/she would love some vodka out of an authentic Russian flask?

Cleaning with Vodka

Just a spoonful of vodka in a bucket of water can clean residue off of nearly anything, for instance…

Get poison ivy oil off your skin.
Get rid of unsightly mold and mildew.
Painlessly take a band-aide off.
Clean your eye glasses like never before.
For a sharp and sterilized razor blade.

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