Top 10 Gifts for Mom on Mother's Day

1. The Nesting Doll

The nesting doll is perfect for any mom. Really! They are so much fun no matter what age you are, and get this -nesting dolls (nested dolls, Russian dolls, matryoshka dolls, babushka dolls) are the epitome of mothers – matryoshka actually translates to mother.

One fun idea is to get a mother of four children, a five piece nesting doll, to signify herself and her children. Or get any number of pieces, and put a surprise in one of the smaller dolls!

2. The Amber Heart

Show your love with a magical amber heart pendant! Classic, beautiful, and many women’s favorite piece of jewelry; amber has been known to turn negative energy into positive energy!

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3. Everlasting Flowers

Skip the bouquet of flowers from the ground this year and give her forever flowers! Our large selection of floral themed jewelry has something for everyone! Honey amber rose brooches, sterling silver flower rings, cameo carving pendants, hand painted flowers on rostov finift rings.

4. Favorite Animal Trinket Box

Frogs, dogs, turtles, and more! These pewter based trinkets are studded with sparkling Austrian crystals and come in a satin lined gift box! Everybody has a favorite animal, right?

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5. Lucky Stuff

Send your mom love and luck this year! Elephants with their trunks in the air, and ladybugs are popular symbols of luck to have fun with!

6. Russian Lacquer Boxes

Lovely little boxes made out of paper-mache with miniature paintings on them, makes this gift a practical piece of art. When was the last time mom was gifted artwork?

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7. A Fantasy Vase

Unique Russian vases that are simply breathtaking. This interesting "Fantasy" series vase glows under the light and is extremely beautiful with or without flowers!

8. Glass Figurines

These little figurines are always a joy to receive. Set atop a windowsill where light shines through, makes these adorable animals come to life, brightening the day.

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9. Russian Shawl

Get mom a shawl that is as intricate and beautiful as she is! Check out different ways to tie the scarves in our Russian Clothing section of the blog!

10. Unique Kitchen Magnet

She’ll be reminded of love every time she opens the fridge! Our nesting doll magnets are perfect for mom, you know why because of reason #1!

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About the author

Lindsey Mae is freelance artist who enjoys writing fun blog posts for and The Russian Store.

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