Russian Fashion!

You have got to check out these amazing Russian looks on the runway and in the magazines!

Russian Fashion Model Xenia Shipilova
Xenia Shipilova, competitor in "Miss World 2009"

Pavlovo Posad Shawl Inspired Russian Fashion

Traditional Russian shawls have evolved over the years… not in the way they are made (because they are made the same way they have been since the beginning, over 200 years ago), but in the way they are worn. Traditionally, smaller scarves were worn around the head (just as the typical Russian grandmother, or Babushka wore them), while larger scarves, or shawls, were worn around the shoulders. There are some other Russian ways to tie a scarf, and then there are the unusual ways to not only tie your Russian scarf or shawl, but to cut and sew it too! The best part is, Russian Pavlovo Posad shawls will absolutely never go out of style!

The lovely ensemble pictured above, features traditional Russian shawls, cut and sewed into a fabulous skirt, blouse, and jacket. To go with this blooming flowers outfit, are traditional Russian wool felt boots, called valenki. And, for an added touch, Russian folk art inspired tights! I love this outfit from top to bottom… even the fur Ushanka hat!

Ghzel Style Runway Fashion

Below, this Christian Dior Spring Summer 2009 Haute Couture dress has an undertone of Russian Gzhel. I love the monotone of Gzhel… light blues, dark blues, indigo blues, and white. Clean and classy.

Christian Dior Spring Summer 2009 Haute Couture

Telnyashka Fashion

Next, this model walks the runway while showing off a colorful Russian Telnyashka (Russian sailor shirts) inspired outfit. I love that the "body shirt" is a little onesie! This photo is taken from the Pika Spring / Summer 2013 collection during Aurora Fashion Week Russia.

Model Wearing Pika Spring / Summer 2013 collection

Nesting Doll Influence on High Fashion

Of course, Russian fashion would not be complete without a nesting doll flare… the photo below is from a whole series by artist Suzanne Bisovski (Susanne Bisovsky). She creates amazing high-fashion clothing by intertwining folk traditions and elements of punk.

Matryoshka Inspired Photo Shoot Magazine

Actual Nesting Dolls in Fashion Photo Shoot

Photo - Russian High Fashion with Nesting Dolls

Make your own Russian fashion outfit… with adorable accessories, authentic Posad shawls, glamorous fur hats, and other cool clothes from The Russian Store! :)

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