Mirrors of Matryoshka

Dress up as a Russian Nesting Doll!

Check out these look-alike Russian dolls! Great ideas for your very own nesting doll Halloween costume or matryoshka themed party.

Nesting Doll Costume

I adore the over-pronounced eyes seen on the picture to the left. Big eyes is a must when becoming a proud Russian doll, as traditionally they have big eyes. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the original source for this wonderful picture. It's very cute how she matches her the nested doll; it looks like she may have painted her own blank wooden nesting doll.

The picture below was found on www.coolest-homemade-costumes.com by searching their site for "nesting doll")

What a fun idea for a group or family costume!

Those cheerful, chubby cheeks that "Mrs. Matryoshka" is known for, sure are visible here!

The red lips look great too… and with the bright and simple red bottoms/yellow tops, along with a perfectly executed Russian Folk Art floral design on the front, this an excellent representation of the traditional "red roses" dolls.

Nesting Doll Group Costume


The next picture is a little more high fashion, but it contains an interesting element: the flowers on top of her head. Some floral themed nesting dolls have flowers in and around their kokoshnik, or Russian head-dress.

High Fashion Nesting Doll


Nesting Doll Costume Toddler

On the left we have a version without makeup, and it is the cutest mirroring matryoshka ever.

It doesn’t have to take too much to transform yourself into a happy Russian doll… just a shawl around the head works wonders!

Many more pictures and DIY can be found on our Halloween Board at pinterest.com/therussianstore!

I hope you liked this blog post, and I hope that it gives you nesting doll dress & costume inspiration!

For more information about the history of nesting dolls and the types of nesting dolls, browse around this growing blog filled with facts and fun!

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Halloween in Russia

A lot of people in Russia know that “Halloween” happens on October 31st, but many Russians don’t really know much about it, or wish to know about it.

But what about this year, and years to come? Do you think more and more Russians will fall in love with Halloween? I think yes. Why? Because Russians love celebrating! But, also because the warming up to Halloween that is happening in Russia, is among the young adult crowd.

There is no true Russian word for "Halloween" but here are some Russian Halloween-y words:

  • ты́ква: pumpkin
  • ве́дьма: witch
  • вампи́р: vampire
  • не́чисть: evil spirits
  • костю́мы: сostumes

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