Fun Poems About a Few of my Favorite Russian Things

Nesting Doll

A Lil’ Nesting Doll Poem

There once was a Russian nesting doll.
She was 4 inches wide and 9 inches tall.
She was made by hand of linden wood,
and then painted on – really, really good.

Red roses decorated her shawl,
and bright, happy colors covered her all.
Her cheeks were round, pink, and plump.
She was most certainly happy, not a grump!

She came apart at the middle one day,
because someone human wanted to play.
Out came 9 more beautiful dolls,
each one wearing a famous Russian shawl.

The human counted every piece and part,
then put them back together again; smart!
Back to the shelf the matryoshka went,
as the human’s play-time was well spent.

Faberge Egg

A Lil’ Faberge Egg Poem

There once were these Faberge eggs…
They were about 2 inches tall and stood on three legs.
They opened up to reveal a space,
for jewelry-holding or a money-case.

Swarovski crystals decorated them all…
Even the mini ones at 1 inches tall.
Enamel-painted and gold-plated,
these eggs are under-rated!

Great for Easter and all year long…
with these cool eggs, you can’t go wrong.
Start a collection or admire just one,
either way you’re sure to have fun!

Eggs can symbolize love, life, and birth…
It’s about what they mean; not what they’re worth.
So check out all the eggs we sell,
and if you buy one for yourself, I promise not to tell!

Glass Figurine Animal

A Lil' Glass Figurine Poem

There once was a cute figurine.
It was smaller than an egg, but bigger than a bean.
It sat on a narrow windowsill,
but when the sun came out, it was not still…

It painted the room with rays of color,
But it felt as though it needed another.
So to The Russian Store I went,
to buy more figurines than I meant.

Now I have a big collection of these.
Cute little animal figurines.
They brighten the room and my day,
with the rainbow of colors they easily play.

Hand-blown glass with precision and detail
delivered straight to your door through the mail!
From fish to birds, to dogs to cows,
I say, "get as much as the bank allows!"


About the author

Lindsey Mae is freelance artist who enjoys writing fun blog posts for and The Russian Store.

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