Have Fun with Your Nesting Dolls

Children play with nesting dolls
Children play with nesting dolls

We will share with you 4 fun activities to do with nesting dolls.

Do you have a collection of Russian nesting dolls? Or has someone recently gifted you a set? Don 't let them just sit there on the shelf. There are millions of fun things you can do with your nesting dolls. Some things sharpen your creativity, some help your children learn and some are quite simply fun to do.

1. Have Loads of Fun… One by One

The best part about nesting dolls is that there are so many of them in one set. Separate each doll, assign her a name and have a blast. Challenge yourself to creatively name the dolls in an alphabetical sequence. See how long you take to do that. You could try countless other variations. Name the dolls so that the first letters spell an acronym. For a six-set nesting doll, you could aim to make the word PRETTY. For a bridal theme set, why not aim for BRIDE. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

You could play "doctor - doctor" with your little daughter and you have the entire hospital set up ready in one go. The different dolls in the set could play the roles of doctor, nurse, other patients and the baby doll could be your main patient.

2. Count with Me …One… Two…Three

An obvious activity to do. Nesting dolls are ideal for children to learn to count. Allow your child to take apart each doll and put it back together individually. Now they know the number of dolls in the set. Older children can grasp the concept of half and double. When apart, there are double the number of nesting doll pieces. And when put together, the number is reduced to half. Nesting dolls wisely used can help build a solid foundation of mathematical concepts. Seriously. Try it.

3. Big and Small… Short and Tall

Nesting dolls are ideal to introduce children to the concept of size. Ask children to identify the big and small dolls in one nesting doll. Likewise, make them separate the tall and short dolls. A popular game with children is “Spot the odd doll out”. Arrange the dolls in ascending or descending order by size, but place one doll out of order. The child has to identify this doll. It is a simple game but helps strengthen the visual area of the brain as the child tries to visually figure out which doll does not fit in the sequence correctly.

4. Tired of Routine that is same? Play a new Game…

If you think all fun things with nesting dolls are kids related, that is not true. (Actually point 1 is not related to kids). Here is something anyone with or without kids can enjoy with nesting dolls.

You know often how the same old party games are done to death. Try this refreshing new game next time. You need a fairly large collection of nesting doll sets. The more, the better. In fact you could ask your guests to bring along theirs too.

Take apart all the dolls and jumble up the parts. The game is assembling the right dolls together in minimum time. The winner is the one who completes all sets in the least time. The game is particularly fun if you have sets that have similar designs and drawings.

If you come up with different ideas on how to have fun with the Nesting Dolls, please let us know, so we can put your ideas here.

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