Fun Things to do with Nesting Dolls

Whether you own a nesting doll, are considering buying one, or haven’t heard of them at all, you’re in for treat with these fun ideas for things you can do with nesting dolls.

Not only do they make a great gift, but nesting dolls can give you a lifetime of memories to cherish.

Here are 5 fun things to do with nesting dolls:

Toddler Playing with a Nesting Doll

1. Let you kids play with them

Children love taking things apart as much as they love surprises, and nesting dolls offer them the satisfaction of both. Watching the expression on your child’s face as he or she discovers each new doll hidden inside of the previous doll is a delightful experience.

The hand-eye-coordination they gain by disassembling them and putting them back together again is similar to working with puzzles. Plus, most nesting dolls have illustrated stories with important people throughout history, classic fairy tales, and other events that you can use to open the door to teaching your child about the world around them.

2. Collect them

If you’re a doll aficionado, no collection is complete without at least one traditional nesting doll from Russia. If you’re an old hand at the nesting doll collecting game, you can diversify your collection with various sizes, specific artists, or a complete set of themes.

With Facebook, Flickr, and other online social photo galleries, you can take photos of your collection and share them with the world!

3. Give a gift inside of them

As the saying goes, "great things come in small packages." With nesting dolls, the smallest ones are nested deep within the larger ones, offering creative and fun ways to give a gift that’s cleverly hiding it inside one of the smaller dolls.

Watching your loved one open the dolls only to find that the real treasure was hidden inside all-along is a moment you’ll want to capture on video, so have your video recorder handy! This is one memory she (or he) will never forget.

4. Use them to learn to count

While the simple joys of playing with nesting dolls is rewarding enough for most, Russian parents often use them as a way to teach their children to count.

You start out by opening them up one at a time, and counting how many you have opened as you go along.

In fact, there’s even a special type of nesting doll — a counting nesting doll — that’s designed to aid your child in learning to count.

Not only is this a fun, old-world toy, but it starts your child off on the right track in exploring numbers, puzzles, and more.

5. Create a funny animated video

Being in the information and digital age, having access to video cameras and publishing fun animated videos has never been easier.

Instead of getting your hands dirty with clay, use nesting dolls to come up with funny skits and video clips to express your creativity.

Why not produce a video that asks a girl out to on a date, or that wishes your mom a happy Mother’s day? The possibilities are endless and the results are lasting, whimsical memories that you and your loved ones will keep close to their hearts.

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