B-2 first legendary Russian rock group

B-2 Russian Rock Group
B-2 Russian Rock Group

One of the coolest and most famous Russian rock group was grounded in 1988 in Bobruisk. Two simple musicians decided to start creating some rock. Those musicians were Alexander Uman, known as "Shura" and Egor Botnik – "Leva". In 1988-1989 the guys were looking for their unique style. In 1989 the band got her name "B-2". The first musical performance was made on the rock festival in Mogilevsk.

In 1991 two friends decided to move to the Israel. The main reason was the problem with development of their music on the territory of post-soviet Belarus. That was a hard time for the band, guys needed to work on the job that wasn't connected with music. But they still tried to create and make some concerts. Also, the style of group changed, the preference was given to the acoustic sounding and careful arrangement.

Shura couldn't find motivation to create music in Israel. In 1993 he flew to his relatives in Australia. Leva stayed in Israel and worked there as a computer graphics manager. But they still were creating songs, using audio-messages to contact with each other. In 1994 Shura created new band, called "Shura B-2 Band". He couldn't name it "B-2", because his best friend was far away from him.

In Australia Shura met Victoria "The victory" Bilogan. She was a very talented pianist. She began to play on the keyboard instrument in "Shura B-2 Band". Also she helped with creating some music. Group members changed often and that's why the band was renamed to "Shura B-2 Band and companions". In 1994-1997 the guys were creating songs and making some concert records. In 1997 the group was reincarnated as "B-2" with all new and old members in it. In 1997 they made their first plate, named "Asexual and sad love", which, of course gained some popularity, but didn't meet expectations.

After that the guys decided to move to Russia and "make some noise" among all other bands. Their first concert was in 1999 and took place on the first festival called "The invasion". Than they were called to sing live on Russian TV. More and more popularity was giving to the "B-2". In 2000 the band signed contact with Sony Music Entertainment Russia. In that year they also took part in film "Brother 2", where they song "No one writes to the colonel".

Their popularity began to grow fast. Concert tours, songs on TV and radio – "B-2" turned in an A+ rock band in Russia. Since 1997 "B-2" created 10 albums and 17 singles. They still lock-and-loaded and are 100 percent ready to rock and roll!

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