A Trinket Box For Every Occasion

Many unique trinket boxes for various occasions and different people…
When you don’t know what to gift someone (friend, family, teacher, associate, etc…) I always recommend Faberge style trinket boxes because you can always find something for somebody when it comes to these… even when you didn’t originally think so. For example, an elephant with its trunk in the air is a symbol of good luck, so you could gift this to anyone, because we all need a ‘lil luck in our homes, right?

Another cool thing about these keepsake boxes is what you choose to put inside of them. Personalize the trinket box gift with a little note, small jewelry item, a lock of hair, chocolates, money… the list goes on forever!

Summertime Gift Ideas

Any trinket box with a floral theme would be appropriate. Some other trinket boxes to consider would be the obvious Summertime themed ones, such as flip-flops, seashells, and pineapples.

Popular Holidays

Valentine's Day

Pick out a heart shaped trinket box, or a beautiful rose trinket box.

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The most popular time people gift Faberge Egg boxes and Faberge egg pendants.

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Religious themed trinket boxes can make a great Christmas gift. Or, our smaller trinkets of various varieties are great for stocking-stuffers!

Other Occasions

Housewarming Gift

A flamingo trinket box would be a nice fit!

Good Luck Gift

As mentioned before, elephant trinkets make ideal gifts for telling someone "Good Luck!"

Anytime Gifts

Everyone has a favorite animal and we have a lot of animal trinket boxes!

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