Not Feeling Well? Hmm... Gemstones!

There are times in life when we all need a little extra positive push in the mind/soul/body from someone… or something. Some of us call a best friend. Some of us do yoga. Some of us wear gemstones!

Examples of Gemstone Jewelry Healing

  • Feeling stressed out and overworked? Pick out some abalone shell jewelry. Abalone has all the relaxing, calming, and serene properties of the ocean.
  • Going through a big life change? Labradorite is the perfect mineral for you. This transformation stone is believed to strengthen one’s faith and self trust during insecure times.
  • Boarding a boat soon? Grab a moonstone pendant to protect you at sea! The connection between the moon and the ocean, coupled with this stone’s balancing qualities, makes it for the perfect bon voyage gift!
  • How about high blood pressure? Rhodochrosite gemstone may be the answer. This fleshy colored stone connects the physical with the spiritual, while relieving heart, kidney, and other organs’ pain.
  • Lapis Lazuli jewelry is ideal for someone who needs a confidence boost.

There are obviously a lot of gems and stones out there, many have similar healing properties, so if you are having trouble picking one out, just pick one out that "speaks" to you, and see how it makes you feel. Or select an amber piece. Amber is the go-to stone for all-around healing! (Or for teething babies)

The mythical madness that surrounds gemstones and gemstone jewelry, to me, is interesting, fun, beautiful, and worth a try. What do you think?

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