Bonnie Cheney - Artist - Peoria, AZ

"Our Nest is Blessed" A modern artist's nesting doll project.

Bonnie Cheney

Bonnie Cheney of Peoria, Arizona has been an artist of many different mediums since the age of 12,
but there is one medium in-particular that she has fallen in "fun-love" with:

Alcohol Ink. Alcohol ink is a fairly unpredictable medium to work with; it creates patterns that are not controlled by the artist. However, the artist can use different layers of the semi-transparent ink to achieve the look they envision. Alcohol ink creates metallic-looking art and works well on non-porous surfaces. (Blank nesting dolls are simply un-finished wood, so Bonnie primed her doll with a wood sealer before she began).

Here are some pictures of her beautiful alcohol ink nesting doll!

Bonnie Cheney's Nesting Doll
Bonnie Cheney's Nesting Doll - Close Up


I never heard of alcohol ink as a painter's medium before, but I love the marble effect that the artist and the medium combined produces! I love the pink hues, from dark maroon to to a pastel blush, with just a hint of dark green for the leaves around the single flower that can be found on each of the dolls.

This 6" tall stacking doll would look lovely on just about any shelf. Don't you agree?

Here are some pictures of her floral themed alcohol ink art:

Bonnie Cheney's Artwork


I asked Bonnie the following:

Did you have fun painting the nesting doll; what was the most fun part of this project?

"I loved painting these dolls, in fact I bought me two more to paint and to sale with my ceramics. The most exciting part of painting them was, the whole idea I had in mind was to paint kokopelli’s on them. When I got the primer and gloss sealer on the wood then I started a background for the kokopelli’s but not painting on wood before I could not believe what that wonderful medium called Alcohol ink was doing. I decided that things were going to be with what ever the medium came up with for a design and so as I painted each doll I was more and more impressed on what was happening. I put a flower on each one because I could see these flowers formed by the medium. I truly love these dolls with the alcohol ink on them, I think the marble effect the medium produces is just beautiful."

Could you elaborate on your title, Our Nest is Blessed?

"Take Pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go with this our nesting home is blessed"

Any advice you would give someone who wants to try alcohol ink as a medium for the first time?

"Alcohol Ink is one of the funnest mediums to work with because of the beautiful effect and the colors are so vibrant than any other medium. I work in many mediums and this one is one of my favorites because of the beauty of color and formation you get from the results. Also you do not have to be an artist to have fun with this beautiful medium because it has a mind of its own and when it’s done you have a beautiful piece of art because of its own formation. I highly recommended this medium for anyone who would like to paint on ceramic tile and yupo paper, make their own greeting cards and so many other things. One of the wonderful things of painting is a time to relax and relieve the stress factor that has built up from the day. Lot of families are doing the classes together and paint together for relaxation and family and friend get together. Highly recommend it for the soul."

Do you have any one piece of artwork that is your absolute favorite?

"California Poppies (pictured above, left) is one of my favorite in my alcohol ink selection."

Do you have any Russian ties?

"No Russian Ties."

Bonnie Cheney's Artwork

For more information about the artist:

1. Visit her websites:

2. Take her class! Alcohol Ink designs offers classes at the WHAM Art Gallery in Surprise, AZ twice a month. For more information or make reservations call Bonnie at 623-572-5904

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