Tsar Nicholas II 10 Ruble Gold Coin

Tsar Nicholas II 10 Ruble Gold Coin

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This Gold 10 Rubles coin (червонец - chervonetz) was issued by the Russian Empire during the reign of Tsar Nicholas II (1897-1911). The content of pure gold in the coin is 7.74234g of fine gold, with the total weight of the coin 8.6026g (Purity: 900/1000 - 21.6K). One side of the coin features the likeness of Nicholas II, the last Tsar of Russia, and the Cyrillic lettering says: “Б.М.НИКОЛАЙ II ИМПЕРАТОРЪ И САМОДЕРЖЕЦЪ ВСЕРОСС”. In translation: “By God's grace Nicholas II Emperor and Autocrat of All Russia”. On reverse side it features the Russian double-headed Imperial Eagle, along with the date. On the edge of the coin it says: “1 ЗОЛОТНИКЪ 78.24 ДОЛИ ЧИСТАГО ЗОЛОТА”. In translation: “1 Zolotnik 78.24 Units of Pure Gold”. This is a rare piece of history. This attractive coin will make a wonderful addition to your collection and a great investment.

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  • Diameter is about 15/16" or 22.63mm
  • About 1/16" or 1.55mm thick
  • Purity: 900/1000 - 21.6K
  • Total weight is 8.6026g or 0.2489ozt
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