Tale of Sleeping Princess and Seven Knights

Tale of Sleeping Princess and Seven Knights

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This beautiful nesting doll has some awe inspiring detail painted on it. Like all of our dolls it is hand-crafted, and hand painted by master Russian artists. This particular doll features a vibrant pink shawl, and bright blue eyes, with gold, and shiny ruby red kokoshnik (head-ware) around her head. The back of the shawl features a display of roses.

The theme of this doll is Pushkin's fairytale "The Tale of the Sleeping Princess and the Seven Knights." Even if you're not familiar with the famous tale, you'll recognize much of the imagery, as this is a retelling of the Brothers Grimm's "Snow White." The mirror, the apple, and the witch are all present in colorful detail as each doll tells a different portion of the fairytale. This doll is one-of-a-kind, and features seven distinct dolls.

Nesting dolls like these are truly a work of art, this particular doll is signed by the artist L. Bayuk. It's great to display and add a touch of color to a room. Nesting dolls make great pieces of home decor as they are instantly familiar, but still maintain a unique charm that is underused as a piece of art.

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  • Largest doll is about 8 3/4" Tall
  • Includes 7 Pieces
  • Signed by the artist!
  • One of a Kind!
  • Imported from Russia
Additional Information

Additional Information

CategoryNesting Dolls
ColorMulti Colored
# of Pieces7
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