Russian Tale Tsar Saltan Doll

Russian Tale Tsar Saltan Doll

Item No. ND00430A10

The great Tsar Saltan takes a bride who gives birth to a beautiful Prince. The Queen's jealous mother and sisters convince the King his son is deformed. Set adrift on a stormy sea, the Queen and the Prince Gvidon find a new home and a magical friend - a clever enchanted swan, who reunites the Tsar and his wife and son. This attractive nesting doll "Tsar Saltan" is imported directly from Russia. It's hand-carved from birch wood and hand painted by Russian artist. Open it up and it reveals a set of smaller dolls inside. Each one represents scenery from this Russian fairytale. Features highly glossed finish and embellished with gold.

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  • Imported from Russia
  • Handmade
  • About 9 1/2" Tall
  • 10 Pieces
  • For Ages 5 & Older
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Additional Information

CategoryNesting Dolls
# of Pieces10
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