Russian Antique Icon - Joy of All Who Sorrow

Russian Antique Icon - Joy of All Who Sorrow

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This authentic Joy of All Who Sorrow Russian Icon was hand painted in the 19th century in Russia. Russian Orthodox icon “The Mother of God, Joy of All Who Sorrow" is a popular wonderworking (чудотворная - chudotvornaya) icon.

The Mother of God is shown standing on the clouds, holding a scepter in one hand and her Son in the other. To either side of the Mother of God standing groups of sufferers asking for her intercession, with angels and Saints above comforting the sufferers. On the top, above her in the clouds, is the Ruler of Heaven and Earth, God the Father. Four medallions are holding different images of Mother of God. On the bottom of the icon is a cartouche with the Scripture inscribed: "Save us from us from all the sorrow and sadness"

This icon has two parallel pins giving an opportunity for wood slab to "walk." In the beginning of xV century the icons began to have pins (pegs) embedded into the back of the board into specially carved grooves to prevent any warping of the wood panel. The icon measures 12" (310 mm) in length, 10" (260 mm) in width, and is 7/8" (22 mm) thick.

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  • Made in Russia in the 1800s
  • Paint: Egg tempera and gold leaf on wood panel
  • Length: 12" (310 mm), Width: 10"(260 mm)
  • Thickness: 7/8" (22 mm)
  • Writings: Church Slavonic language
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Additional Information

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