Rose Princess

Rose Princess

Item No. ND01106A05

This doll is really an eye catching piece of folk-art. The high gloss lacquered finish really makes the doll shine, and the colors just pop out and demand attention. This set of five dolls features an elegantly detailed girl holding a beautiful rose, the decoration and care put into the doll suggest the girl being portrayed is someone important, hence the name "Rose Princess." Each doll depicts a slightly differently painted smaller scaled doll

The largest doll measures Approximately 7" Tall. All of our nesting dolls are imported from Russia where they were hand-crafted, and hand-painted. This doll was signed by N. Anurova, the artist who painted this beautiful doll.

Nesting dolls make great gift that are sure to be cherished for years to come: open up a piece of Russia today with this gorgeous piece of art.

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  • Largest Doll is 7" Tall
  • Includes 5 Pieces
  • Signed by Artist
  • Imported from Russia
Additional Information

Additional Information

CategoryNesting Dolls
# of Pieces5
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