Religious 3 Pcs Nesting Doll

Religious 3 Pcs Nesting Doll

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This 3 pc icon nesting doll would make a wonderfully unique and unforgettable religious gift. The iconic Russian Orthodox images on each doll was made using a high quality polygraphic machine, and has been protected under many layers of clear lacquer.

The largest doll features Mother Of God I Am With You Icon. Mother of God Leushinsky icon "I am the you and no one on you," or literally "I am always with you and you will not offend anybody." This icon serves to raise the spirits of the faithful. It is assumed that the icon of the “Mother Of God I Am With You, FOR YOU was written in the icon workshop at the women's convent at St. John the Baptist Leushinsky, a convent by the order of merchant Gabriel Medvedev, who donated it to the monastery in early 1860. The icon was painted by Anna Gerasimova, a peasant girl, who entered the Leushinsky Monastery in 1877 at 9 years of age. She was trained in the arts and oversaw the Sister's icon paintings for many years.

The second largest doll has the Iberian Mother of God Icon. Iversky (that is, "Iberian") icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary is one of the most well-known and respected in the Orthodox world. According to legend this icon was written by evangelist Luke. For a long time it was displayed in Asia Minor Nicaea. But in the beginning of the xI century it miraculously appeared in the Iberian monastery on Mount Athos (after which the icon got its name), Iberian, in Russian: Иверская.

The third and smallest doll showcases Vladimir Mother of God Icon. The Theotokos (Greek for Virgin Mary, literally meaning "Birth-Giver of God") of Vladimir is a medieval Byzantine icon of the Virgin and Child that has been in Russia since soon after it was painted. Vladimir (Vladimirskaya - Владимирская) Mother of God is regarded as the holy protectress of Russia. The icon of the Theotokos of Vladimir is sometimes described as extrapressing universal feelings of motherly love and anxiety for her child. Like some other icons it was believed to have been painted by St Luke from its living subjects. The venerated image was used in celebration of coronations of tsars, elections of patriarchs, and other important ceremonies of state.

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  • About 4 1/2" tall
  • Features 3 icons
  • Unique religious gift
  • Made in Russia
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