Insect Amber Collectible Nugget

Insect Amber Collectible Nugget

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This little box holds an authentic amber nugget that contains an insect. The insect inclusion is made more visible with a built-in magnifier glass; the top part of the box. This unique display of collectible amber makes a great gift for anyone who loves history, as this was formed millions of years ago. The amber nugget is approximately 9/8" long x 3/8 wide" x 1/4" thick. The plastic box is about 1" cubed. This polished fossil is the perfect gift for anyone, and is completely unique, so remember that the one you purchase may vary slightly from the one photographed.

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  • Amber is about 9/8" long x 3/8 wide" x 1/4" thick
  • Box is about 1" cubed
  • Genuine Russian Baltic Sea amber
  • Box contains a magnifier glass
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Additional Information

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