Icon of Jesus Christ "Prayer for the Chalice"

Icon of Jesus Christ "Prayer for the Chalice"

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This icon of Jesus Christ "Prayer for the Chalice" (Rus: "Моление о Чаше") features high quality polygraphed reproduction with gold double embossed metallography. This icon has also been embedded with actual stone from the Holy Land. It is about 6" x 5" in size and comes ready to hang with a hook on the back. It has a wooden frame and is glass covered. What a beautiful and blessed (by the Russian Orthodox church) icon from Russia.

According to biblical legend, when the Last Supper ended, Jesus, along with his disciples, went to the Garden of Gethsemane. This garden was very beautiful and had a great view of Jerusalem. The Lord loved to spend time there, and Judas knew about it. Therefore, he brought the guards exactly there to arrest Christ.

Jesus knew about his future fate, so he decided to pray for the salvation of his soul and his offenders. In prayer He said, "Let this Chalice pass from me." His plea was so fervent that bloody sweat rolled down his face. Prayer before this image is able to overcome various despair, which is sometimes present in the life of any person.

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  • Sofrino trademark on back
  • Embedded with actual stone from the Holy Land
  • Wooden base & covered with glass
  • Blessed by Russian Orthodox church
  • About 6" x 5"
  • Hook on back for hanging
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Additional Information

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