Celtic Silver and Green Crystal Earrings

Celtic Silver and Green Crystal Earrings

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This stunning piece of jewelry brings to mind the beauty of Celtic culture. The earrings feature bright green crystals which measure 1/8" in length by 1/4" in width. The earrings, from top to bottom, measure 1 3/4", while having a width of 1/2". Celtic Symbols have long intrigued people of all cultures. The mysterious swirls, and interlocking geometric shapes are at once simple, while maintaining some mesmerizing quality. These symbols have been used for over 4,000 years, so they have that timeless appeal that won't go out of style anytime soon. The designs are inspired by the age old art form of knot work. Though knot work is seen all throughout the world it is most often immediately associated with the Celts due to its heavy use in their culture. Knot work, at its core, is the use of simple geometric shapes arranged in a pattern. The patterns have been ascribed specific meanings by authorities on Celtic culture, however their origins remain somewhat mysterious. This element of mystery adds to the allure of the timeless designs, and allows one to assign their own special meanings to each piece. Accenting this beautiful framework of sterling silver are gorgeous green crystals. The color green is most closely associated with the Celtic culture, so it provides the perfect match for these eye-catching earrings. The swirls, and shapes, and vibrant green of this set of earrings brings with a certain quality which reminds one of the beauty of nature, while the shinning silver brings to mind to beauty of all that is man-made. The balance that is struck between these two aspects make for an attractive piece of jewelry sure to compliment any outfit. These earrings would make a fine addition to any jewelry box, be it your own, or a friend or loved ones! Pick up a pair today!

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  • Earrings: 1 3/4" Long x 1/2" Wide
  • Crystals: 1/8" Long x 1/4" Wide
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