The history of Russian balalaika
The history of Russian balalaika

The history of balalaika dates back into the depth of centuries. Some people believe, that it was created by Russian people, some suppose, that it occurred from another instrument. That instrument is called dombra and was made by kirgiz-kasaks. There is one more version: maybe balalaika was invented during the Tatar rule. So, now, we can’t describe the origin year, when that invention was made.

The time was passing and balalaika started to gain some popularity. Its beautiful sounding was heard in every place. The main players on balalaika were simple peasants. But after some time, Alexei Michailovich, Grand Duke of all Russia, issued a decree. In that decree, balalaika and other folk instruments were banned.

For some time, balalaika disappeared. That was a very rare situation to hear that instrument in Russian village. But a very skilled Russian musician – Vasilii Andreev did hear that sounding from his courtyard Antipa. Vasilii decided to make balalaika the main music instrument in Russia. So, he asked the Moscow’s violinist to upgrade balalaika and that was a very smart decision.

But Vasilii wanted not just to upgrade balalaika. His aim was to make it the main folk instrument in Russia. Had taken it from people and he tried to bring it back. And his try was very and very successful. Balalaika was given to every Russian soldier. After getting back home, soldiers took their instruments with them. In that way, balalaika became the most popular and important instrument in Russia.

Hundreds of years passed since then. Nowadays balalaika is passing through a very hard time. There is not a big amount of professional players in Russia and all over the world. The main problem is that a little number of people is interested in playing and listening Russian folk music. But still there are some people that still love and respect balalaika and make concerts with that beautiful instrument.