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Decorative Art Glass Decor History and Process

Unique glass figurines at The Russian Store! Since each of these figurines is hand-blown, and handcrafted one at a time, each piece of glass winds up having it's own distinct personality with no two being alike! In a time when mass production leaves most things feeling a little soulless, we're proud that our gaffers in St. Petersburg do things the old fashioned way. We believe it gives our glass figurines their own character, and adds a sort of charm...

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Gifting Glass Figurines

Just like each figurine is unique, so are the reasons to buy one. One of our favorite customer stories comes from a mother of a young boy. She told us that her son was bugging her for a dog for quite sometime, but she doubted that he was responsible enough to handle all the care taking that goes along with it, so she decided to give her son a small dog glass figurine to carry around with him throughout the school day, and if he was could take the care not to break it for two weeks, she would buy...

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