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Russian Egg Gift Giving

Did you know that colored Russian eggs have been given as gifts in Russia for more than a millennium? It’s true!

Since the egg itself is a symbol of new life, it is a perfect gift for a family with a newborn. There are numerous eggs in the store collection that represent Mary and baby Jesus, which would be very appropriate while being a statement of your faith. But don’t think that eggs are just for babies: young adults to older adults will find them to be a very surprising and delightful gift as...

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History of Russian Pisanki Eggs

A Brief Look Into Russian Easter Eggs

Throughout cultures far separated by geography, climate, and time, the egg has been a symbol of life only rivaled in use by the sun. The emergence of life from a seemingly inanimate, white, featureless object soon became naturally associated with the bounties of spring emerging from the hardships, and cold, of the winter. Not only was the egg tied to the dawn of spring, it was also, for obvious reasons, a metaphor for the emergence of life itself. The egg was...

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