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The Cool, I Mean Warm, Ushanka Hat

It’s getting close to Winter. Get ready in fabulous style with the ever famous Russian Ushanka Hat! (aka уша́нка, trooper, trapper hat, shapka, chapka)

Cool Ushankas

It’s cool because you can feel like royalty wearing one. Especially if it’s real fur, but the faux fur hats are pretty freaking "awesome" or "hip" or whatever the "cool kids" are saying these days, as well. Don’t believe me? Buy it and try it. I bet you’re gonna like it! (But maybe don’t get one at the mall… there are many look-alike ...

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About Russian Hats

About Russian Ushanka Hats

Of all the symbols of Russian apparel, none is more prominent than the ushanka hat. Instantly recognizable, this extremely comfortable and warm hat has become a fashion icon as of late. When most people think of Russia, the classic ushanka style hat is one of the first things that comes to mind…

Whether the weather is chilly, or you just want to look good, the ushanka is the way to go. Seen on servicemen and women, mail carriers, police officers, and any profession that’...

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Shawls, scarves, wraps, throws, and kerchiefs have all been a traditional article of clothing, as well as an ornamental piece of art, for an innumerable amount of cultures spanning across the globe and throughout time. The multi-purpose clothing, accessories, and decorations have only gained more popularity as time goes on. The word shawl is actually native to Persian culture, and is derived from the word Shal (quite a stretch, huh?) The use of the word, and the shawls importance in Persian cult...

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Russian Fashion!

You have got to check out these amazing Russian looks on the runway and in the magazines!

Russian Fashion Model Xenia Shipilova Xenia Shipilova, competitor in "Miss World 2009"

Pavlovo Posad Shawl Inspired Russian Fashion

Traditional Russian shawls have evolved over the years… not in the way they are made (because they are made the same way they have been since the beginning, over 200 years ago), but in the way they are worn. Traditionally, smaller scarves were worn around the head (just as the typical Russian grandmother, or...

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How to Find Your Ushanka Hat Size

During the harsh Winter season there’s no bigger priority than warmth, and when it comes to keeping warm there’s nothing better than an authentic Russian ushanka hat. However, your whimsical hat with ear flaps isn’t going to be much help if it’s not the right size.

Don't worry, we got you covered. Just follow these 4 easy steps and your hat will fit just right!

Step 1

Find yourself a simple measuring tape.

Step 2

Wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of your head -- just above the ears and ...

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