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How To Open Your Nesting Dolls

A step-by-step guide with video

So, you’ve acquired a Russian Nesting Doll, hopefully from The Russian Store, and you’ve brought it home, only to pose the question to yourself, "How exactly do I open this thing?" Well we’re here to help you out, with this guide to opening up your new Russian Nesting Dolls.

Opening a normal to large sized nesting doll

Video on Opening Large Nesting Dolls Click to see video on opening large nesting dolls

Follow these steps:

  1. To avoid any damaged to the doll, due to accidentally dropping it, you...
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How Much is My Nesting Doll Worth?

It is a popular question… but a hard one to answer specifically. Many people will ask something like, "well I have this really old nesting doll that I acquired through my Russian grandmother and it sort of looks like this…" Unfortunately, with just a description, and even with more information like a date range and signature, it is still an almost impossible question to answer easily. One must seek the advice of an art appraiser who specializes in Russian art and/or history. If you would like ju...

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As nesting dolls grow more popular every day, crafters, artists and even non-artists are starting to make matryoshki out of all sorts of things! We decided to compile some of the more interesting ones here, even though we are definitely partial to the traditional, wooden nesting dolls from Russia.

1. Hama Midi Beads Babushka

Hama Midi Beads Nesting Doll Hama Beads matryoshka

What are hama beads? You might know just by looking at the picture… if not, here is a quick history… They were first made in 1971 by Malte Haanin...

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Nesting Doll Cartoon Comics

Nesting Dolls Just Want You to Open Up

Nesting Dolls always want to share their feelings, and talk, and sometimes that causes relationship problems when they’re with other dolls.

Comic Illustration: Nesting Doll and Rag Doll Fight


Tell me about your Matryoshka

Nesting Dolls occasionally need some psychological assistance.

Comic Illustration: Nesting Doll Psychology


Consider the impact of Nesting Dolls on Philosophy

The Tao of Matryoshka

Comic Illustration: Nesting Doll Philosophy


Nesting Dolls in Space: Ground Control to Matryoshka Tom

Everyone knows that Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space, and Neil Armstrong was the f...

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Teaching with Babushkas

Nesting Dolls are not limited to only decorative or entertainment purposes, in fact the only limit to their use is your own creativity. We’ve gotten many calls, and emails from teachers, telling us how they use Nesting Dolls in their lesson plans…

Nesting Doll Math 101:

The obvious educational use of these dolls would be teaching young children the basics of counting; open one doll, open two dolls, open three, and so on, and so forth. In fact we have a series of dolls called counting dolls for jus...

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The matryoshka doll is known for her chubby and cheerful cheeks, her perfectly shaped and smiling lips, and her big and bright eyes. She almost always wears a traditional Russian scarf or shawl around her head, neck, and/or shoulders. She holds at least two more smaller and similar matryoshki inside of her.

She is famous. She is Mother Russia.

But what about the men? They can be hard to find, but here are some manly matryoshkas for you!

Sporty Mantryoshkas

Sports-themed nesting dolls do not have to ...

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Fun Things to do with Nesting Dolls

Whether you own a nesting doll, are considering buying one, or haven’t heard of them at all, you’re in for treat with these fun ideas for things you can do with nesting dolls.

Not only do they make a great gift, but nesting dolls can give you a lifetime of memories to cherish.

Here are 5 fun things to do with nesting dolls:

Toddler Playing with a Nesting Doll

1. Let you kids play with them

Children love taking things apart as much as they love surprises, and nesting dolls offer them the satisfaction of both. Watching the expression o...

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Learn About Nesting Dolls

Matryoshka dolls -- you can't imagine Russia without them. There surely is something special about these little wooden toys. Kids love them, adults gather large collections of them, and everybody marvels at them. It's impossible to touch a matryoshka doll without suddenly feeling a strange bond between you and this little toy. They are meant to be held, and played with,and broken! Yes, they break right in the middle, and then you see another doll inside. And then another, and another. Where do t...

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Nesting Dolls are not just great decorations, or toys, they also have that great balance of charm, and mystery. Most people know what a Nesting Doll is, but they might call it a Matryoshka, Stacking Doll, Russian Doll, Wooden Doll, or even "One of those dolls, you know, the kind that open up, and then there's another one inside, and then another one, and another one."

Why a Russian Doll Gift?

Imagine you tell someone you have a big surprise for them, after their curiosity has been peaked you would...

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Oh No! My Babushka is Broken.

Uh-Oh! Your beloved Matryoshka isn’t perfect? Is it a bit too tight or a bit too loose? Perhaps it has a dreadful crack in the wood? Don’t worry, here is information on repairing a nesting doll…

How to Fix a Nesting Doll

Here at The Russian Store, we do everything we can to send out perfect nesting dolls (with a quality check right before shipping). But maybe you acquired a not-so-perfect stacking doll somewhere else, and you need some information about how to make it better?

Is your nesting doll i...

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Russia's 2016 Olympic Team Delays A Flight Due To A Giant Nesting Doll

According to Patrick Reevell of ABC News, "A flight carrying part of Russia’s Olympic team back to Moscow from Brazil was delayed for hours by a giant Russian nesting doll that was too large to be loaded onto the jet."

The Monday, August 22nd flight was delayed at least 3 hours!

"Dmitrii Simonov, deputy editor-in-chief at the popular Russian sports newspaper, Sport-Express, posted photographs on his Twitter account of the bulbou...

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Have Fun with Your Nesting Dolls

Children play with nesting dolls Children play with nesting dolls

We will share with you 4 fun activities to do with nesting dolls.

Do you have a collection of Russian nesting dolls? Or has someone recently gifted you a set? Don 't let them just sit there on the shelf. There are millions of fun things you can do with your nesting dolls. Some things sharpen your creativity, some help your children learn and some are quite simply fun to do.

1. Have Loads of Fun… One by One

The best part about nes...

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Traditional Russian Matryoshka Traditional Russian Matryoshka

Known by many names: nesting dolls, matryoshka dolls, babushka dolls, nested dolls, stacking dolls, Russian Nesting Dolls have captured the attention of children, adults, doll enthusiasts, and art collectors across the globe. From their introduction to the world at the Paris World Exhibition in 1900, to the modern day, the almost deceptively simple concept of a set of smaller dolls nestled within larger dolls has endured not only as a popular children's toy, or a c...

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