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Jewelry Boxes

About Russian Lacquer Boxes

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Posted in Jewelry Boxes by Arina Anashkina

History of Lacquer Boxes

Russian Lacquer Boxes from Fedoskino, Palekh, Kholuy, & Mstyora

Russian lacquer boxes are currently being made today in Russia the same way they were made over two centuries ago. Originally used for snuff about 200 years ago, today they have evolved into many different shapes and sizes for use with various things like jewelry, money, and of course nick-knacks. This proves that they have a wonderful history worth maintaining. Russian lacquer boxes have been through a Revolution and though the subj...

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Posted in Jewelry Boxes by Lindsey Mae

A Trinket Box For Every Occasion

Many unique trinket boxes for various occasions and different people…
When you don’t know what to gift someone (friend, family, teacher, associate, etc…) I always recommend Faberge style trinket boxes because you can always find something for somebody when it comes to these… even when you didn’t originally think so. For example, an elephant with its trunk in the air is a symbol of good luck, so you could gift this to anyone, because we all need a ‘lil luck in our homes, right?

Another cool thing a...

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Posted in Jewelry Boxes by Arina Anashkina
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