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Beth Cornell - Artist - Glendale, AZ

Mandala Matryoshka by Arizona Artist Beth Cornell

For Beth Cornell, painting a nesting doll for the first time was a fun challenge. As with many artists, one small hurdle was getting used to the three-dimensional surface. Luckily, the process of painting on a rounded wooden surface gets easier with each doll in the nesting doll set.

Beth decided to paint her 6 piece wooden stacking doll with a colorful Mandala style; a recurring theme in her artworks. The results are fabulous! Mandalas have generi...

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Fred Smith - Artist - Surprise, AZ

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Fred "Smitty" Smith Paints His Colorful Modern Art On A Nesting Doll

Fred Smith Nesting Doll Art Fred Smith's Nesting Doll Art


Look at this fantastic stacking doll created by artist Fred "Smitty" Smith. He used just a few colors to create a bright and modern looking matryoshka nesting doll. The unfinished wooden doll (six dolls total) needed a white slate first. Then, it was up to Fred's imagination.

Smitty started as an artist as a young boy. He enjoyed all sorts of creating art bu...

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Sheri L. Harris - Artist - Vail, AZ

Gourd artist Sheri Harris paints a Russian nesting doll.

Sheri L. Harris of Vail, Arizona is used to painting on three-dimensional surfaces, in-particularly, gourds. Yes, gourds! She collects them from a family-owned farm in Casa Grande, Arizona. Once they are dried, she carves them and then embellishes them with paint and sometimes other materials. Sheri states, "These gourds are as hard as wood and will withstand the same gentle treatment you would give any fine wood carving." So when it came t...

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Bonnie Cheney - Artist - Peoria, AZ

"Our Nest is Blessed" A modern artist's nesting doll project.

Bonnie Cheney

Bonnie Cheney of Peoria, Arizona has been an artist of many different mediums since the age of 12,
but there is one medium in-particular that she has fallen in "fun-love" with:

Alcohol Ink. Alcohol ink is a fairly unpredictable medium to work with; it creates patterns that are not controlled by the artist. However, the artist can use different layers of the semi-transparent ink to achieve the look they envision. Alcohol ink creates meta...

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