Oh No! My Babushka is Broken.

Uh-Oh! Your beloved Matryoshka isn’t perfect? Is it a bit too tight or a bit too loose? Perhaps it has a dreadful crack in the wood? Don’t worry, here is information on repairing a nesting doll…

How to Fix a Nesting Doll

Here at The Russian Store, we do everything we can to send out perfect nesting dolls (with a quality check right before shipping). But maybe you acquired a not-so-perfect stacking doll somewhere else, and you need some information about how to make it better?

Is your nesting doll i...

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Transcendental Turquoise

Some geologists and historians place the mining of turquoise by humans to have first occurred nearly 9,000 years ago! With that much history behind it, the turquoise stone carries with it quite a bit of lore…

Turquoise Myths & Healing Properties

One of the most popular beliefs surrounding turquoise actually spans across the Atlantic Ocean. Both the Native Americans in the American southwest and European horsemen in the 13th century believed that turquoise would improve all the necessary physical, ...

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Russian Fairytale: Puss in Boots

A very long ago in one village there lived an old miller with his three sons. When he felt his death coming, he left to his sons a heritage: The mill fell to the elder brother’s lot, a donkey came down to the middle brother, and the youngest brother inherited a cat.

The younger brother could not solace himself because of such a miserable share. He thought, "My brothers can get their living honestly if they unite their property; but I can only eat my cat, then make a muff of its fell and then to d...

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Bonnie Cheney - Artist - Peoria, AZ

"Our Nest is Blessed" A modern artist's nesting doll project.

Bonnie Cheney

Bonnie Cheney of Peoria, Arizona has been an artist of many different mediums since the age of 12,
but there is one medium in-particular that she has fallen in "fun-love" with:

Alcohol Ink. Alcohol ink is a fairly unpredictable medium to work with; it creates patterns that are not controlled by the artist. However, the artist can use different layers of the semi-transparent ink to achieve the look they envision. Alcohol ink creates meta...

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2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi

Yay! Russia will host thier first Winter Olympics (and Paralympics) in 2014 in beautiful Sochi, located in Krasnodar Krai and nestled next to the Black Sea. This resort town olympic site will be divided into two major areas: the coastal cluster and the mountain cluster; each one having about 6 different arenas. The coastal Olympic village will have Ice hockey, curling, figure skating and speed skating. The mountain will have the biathlon, ski races, alpine skiing, ski jumping, luge, bobsleigh, f...

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Russian Fairytale: The Snow Maiden

Russian: Снегурочка, Snegurochka

Very, very long ago in an Old Russian village there lived an old couple: the woodcutter and his wife. They barely made the ends meet, owing to the old man who cut logs in the forest and carried them into the nearest town. They were poor and had no children, so as they grew older they became sadder and sadder. The old woman often asked, "e;Who will take care of us? We are so old." Her husband used to answer, "Don’t worry, old woman. God will not leave us alone, he wi...

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Nesting Dolls are not just great decorations, or toys, they also have that great balance of charm, and mystery. Most people know what a Nesting Doll is, but they might call it a Matryoshka, Stacking Doll, Russian Doll, Wooden Doll, or even "One of those dolls, you know, the kind that open up, and then there's another one inside, and then another one, and another one."

Why a Russian Doll Gift?

Imagine you tell someone you have a big surprise for them, after their curiosity has been peaked you would...

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Learn About Nesting Dolls

Matryoshka dolls -- you can't imagine Russia without them. There surely is something special about these little wooden toys. Kids love them, adults gather large collections of them, and everybody marvels at them. It's impossible to touch a matryoshka doll without suddenly feeling a strange bond between you and this little toy. They are meant to be held, and played with,and broken! Yes, they break right in the middle, and then you see another doll inside. And then another, and another. Where do t...

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Russian: Иван Царевич и Серый Волк, Ivan Tsarevich i Seryy Volk

A very long time ago in a certain kingdom there reigned a Tsar who had three sons, the first was Dimitriy Tsarevich, the second – Vassiliy Tsarevich, and the third – Ivan Tsarevich. The Tsar had a magnificent orchard, where grew his favorite magic apple-tree with golden apples. However every night a Firebird fell into the habit of flying on that apple-tree and tear away few apples. Its feathers were red-and-gold, and bright as a fire...

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How to Clean Amber Jewelry

Because amber is brittle and soft by nature, it is vulnerable to chipping and scratching. Avoid wearing your amber jewelry while performing heavy labor or tasks that could put your jewelry in danger of impact. Also, try to avoid storing your amber with other metals and stones that could scratch it. Some people keep each piece of amber in its own cloth or plastic bag to prevent the stone from getting scratched.

Another thing to watch out for is the sterling silver, as it is naturally susceptible t...

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Thimbles! Information & Factoids

Russian Finift Thimbles

Finift thimbles from The Russian Store are little artworks to use for sewing, collecting, or display… Our beautiful Finift thimbles come directly from Russia to The Russian Store’s warehouse in Arizona. Finift has been around for a long time, and lately has become quite the collectible item. The art of Russian Enamel painting, named "eRostov Finift," originated and flourished in Rostov since the 1700s. Rostov Finift thimbles are adorned by an intriguing filigree of German silver lace and ...

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Russian Fairytale: The Spotted Hen

Russian: Курочка Ряба, Kurochka Ryaba

Once upon a time there lived Grandma and a Grandpa. They were very poor, and often went hungry.

One of their few earthly belongings was a hen, which laid very few eggs. One day the hen laid a golden egg. Grandpa set it on the table and called his wife. They discussed what they should do with the egg. Grandpa thought that if they took it to the tsar they might be honored as nobles and given some land.

"But what good is it to be nobles if we have no finery?" Gran...

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Fun Things to do with Nesting Dolls

Whether you own a nesting doll, are considering buying one, or haven’t heard of them at all, you’re in for treat with these fun ideas for things you can do with nesting dolls.

Not only do they make a great gift, but nesting dolls can give you a lifetime of memories to cherish.

Here are 5 fun things to do with nesting dolls:

Toddler Playing with a Nesting Doll

1. Let you kids play with them

Children love taking things apart as much as they love surprises, and nesting dolls offer them the satisfaction of both. Watching the expression o...

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About Russian Lacquer Boxes

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History of Russian Pisanki Eggs

A Brief Look Into Russian Easter Eggs

Throughout cultures far separated by geography, climate, and time, the egg has been a symbol of life only rivaled in use by the sun. The emergence of life from a seemingly inanimate, white, featureless object soon became naturally associated with the bounties of spring emerging from the hardships, and cold, of the winter. Not only was the egg tied to the dawn of spring, it was also, for obvious reasons, a metaphor for the emergence of life itself. The egg was...

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History of Lacquer Boxes

Russian Lacquer Boxes from Fedoskino, Palekh, Kholuy, & Mstyora

Russian lacquer boxes are currently being made today in Russia the same way they were made over two centuries ago. Originally used for snuff about 200 years ago, today they have evolved into many different shapes and sizes for use with various things like jewelry, money, and of course nick-knacks. This proves that they have a wonderful history worth maintaining. Russian lacquer boxes have been through a Revolution and though the subj...

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Russian: Репка, Repka

Listen, please, listen how sometimes it can be…

Once the Grandpa has planted a Turnip. The Turnip has grown to be enormously huge. The Grandpa went to pick the Turnip. He pulls and pulls it out, but could not pull it out…

Then, the Grandpa called the Grandma, his wife, to help him to pull out the Turnip.

The Grandma holds on to the Grandpa, the Grandpa holds on to the Turnip, they pull and pull, but could not pull it out…

Then the Grandma called their Granddaughter for help.

The Great Turnip Fairytale Illustrated on a Nesting Doll ...
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The Cool, I Mean Warm, Ushanka Hat

It’s getting close to Winter. Get ready in fabulous style with the ever famous Russian Ushanka Hat! (aka уша́нка, trooper, trapper hat, shapka, chapka)

Cool Ushankas

It’s cool because you can feel like royalty wearing one. Especially if it’s real fur, but the faux fur hats are pretty freaking "awesome" or "hip" or whatever the "cool kids" are saying these days, as well. Don’t believe me? Buy it and try it. I bet you’re gonna like it! (But maybe don’t get one at the mall… there are many look-alike ...

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Birthstones List

  • January – Garnet
  • February – Amethyst
  • March – Bloodstone (Traditional) Aquamarine (Modern)
  • April – Diamond
  • May – Emerald
  • June – Alexandrite (Traditional) Pearl, Moonstone (Modern)
  • July – Ruby
  • August – Sardonyx (Traditional) Peridot (Modern)
  • September – Sapphire
  • October – Tourmaline (Traditional) Opal (Modern)
  • November – Yellow Topaz (Traditional) Citrine (Modern)
  • December – Turquoise, Blue Zircon (Traditional) Blue Topaz (Modern)

Anniversaries List of Gemstones

  • 1st– G...
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There are times in life when we all need a little extra positive push in the mind/soul/body from someone… or something. Some of us call a best friend. Some of us do yoga. Some of us wear gemstones!

Examples of Gemstone Jewelry Healing

  • Feeling stressed out and overworked? Pick out some abalone shell jewelry. Abalone has all the relaxing, calming, and serene properties of the ocean.
  • Going through a big life change? Labradorite is the perfect mineral for you. This transformation stone is believe...
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