What is my Ring Size?

How To Figure Out Your Ring Size Online

1. Grab a string or a small strip of paper to wrap around your finger where the ring would go.
2. Mark the point where the two ends meet.
3. Measure the string or paper against a ruler.
4. Compare the length to the chart below.

Ring Size Conversion Chart

Ring Size Length in Inches Length in mm 4 1/2 1 7/8 48 5 1 15/16 49 5 1/2 2 50 6 2 1/16 51 6 1/2 2 1/8 53 7 2 3...Read More
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When Amber Meets Turquoise


What happens when beautiful Baltic Sea Russian Amber gets paired with authentic Stabilized Southwest Turquoise in jewelries?


Outstanding, unique, and exciting necklaces are created for the fashion-forward kind of girl to wear!


Amber Beads Necklaces with Turquoise

Amber and Turquoise Necklace - Close Up

The Russian Store has quite a few necklaces with amber and turquoise together. All the necklaces were made by hand; many with hand-tied knots between each stone. Some of the necklaces are mainly all honey-colored amber wit...

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Unique Amber Objects

Fans and fanatics of amber! Take a look at some very unique amber objects!

(Not including amber jewelry or common carved amber art objects such as amber statuettes)

1. Amber Dice

Not too practical, considering amber's ability to scratch or break easily when thrown around... but pretty cool nonetheless. (Found on Etsy)

Dice made from Amber

2. Amber Tea Cups

Again, not too practical, but definitely wonderful!

Amber Tea Cup

3. Amber Model Ship

An amber model of the Vasa (or Wasa), a Swedish warship that sank during its maiden voyage in 162...

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Happy Russian Old New Year!

It may sound strange to some Americans… "Happy Old New Year," but it makes a lot of sense to Russians. In Russia many will celebrate the new year with friends, family, presents, and vodka. The new year came to be one of the best holidays ever for Russians because of the meaning and history behind it.

Before Communists took power, Russian Orthodox Christmas was a very important and sacred Russian holiday. However, Communists banned all religious holidays as they banned religion in the country, so ...

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Top 10 Gifts for Mom on Mother's Day

1. The Nesting Doll

The nesting doll is perfect for any mom. Really! They are so much fun no matter what age you are, and get this -nesting dolls (nested dolls, Russian dolls, matryoshka dolls, babushka dolls) are the epitome of mothers – matryoshka actually translates to mother.

One fun idea is to get a mother of four children, a five piece nesting doll, to signify herself and her children. Or get any number of pieces, and put a surprise in one of the smaller dolls!

2. The Amber Heart

Show your lov...

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Is it Santa or Ded Moroz in Russia?

At first glance the Russian Santa (Дед Мороз), also called Father Frost, Ded Moroz, and Grandfather Frost, looks like the American Santa Claus… but with a closer look you will notice a few differences. Yes, they both wear boots, a coat, and they both have white beards. However, The Russian Santa wears a long heel-length coat and is seen walking with a magical staff. He wears valenki or jackboots on his feet and a semi-round fur hat.

Another difference is the way Father Frost delivers presents. He...

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Valentine's Hearts Banner Graphic Valentine's Hearts

Valentine's Day the Russian Way

Of course cards, flowers, chocolate, and teddy bears, and other gifts are given away each year to lovely ladies and (sometimes) kind gentlemen on February 14th. Perhaps items involving cupids, doves, or the heart shape would be given as well…

But in Russia, this happens on March 8th, and it only happens for women. It is International Women’s Day, and people in Russia celebrate this day by giving similar gifts to girls and women, regardless of a...

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For some people, "Russia" is synonymous with "vodka," so here is a quick post about it.

Vodka 101

Vodka can be distilled from virtually any ferment-able ingredients… potatoes, corn, and wheat are among the top three used for making delicious vodka.

Popular Russian vodka brands: Beluga Vodka, Kauffman Vodka, Stolichnaya Vodka, Moskovskaya Russian, and many more… there are over 3000 brands of Russian vodka…

"Voda" is the Russian word for "water."

Matryoshka Design Vodka BottleA matryoshka vodka bottle design

Vodka FYI

Smirnoff claims...

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Beth Cornell - Artist - Glendale, AZ

Mandala Matryoshka by Arizona Artist Beth Cornell

For Beth Cornell, painting a nesting doll for the first time was a fun challenge. As with many artists, one small hurdle was getting used to the three-dimensional surface. Luckily, the process of painting on a rounded wooden surface gets easier with each doll in the nesting doll set.

Beth decided to paint her 6 piece wooden stacking doll with a colorful Mandala style; a recurring theme in her artworks. The results are fabulous! Mandalas have generi...

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Favorite Russian Images

This post highlights some of our most popular, fun, interesting, and unique shares that took place on The Russian Store’s Facebook page. Now you can see some of the greatest Russian things all in one little post, instead of scrolling through years of posts.

Nine fantastic Russian themed photos:

1. Hot-Air Matryoshka

A magnificent hot air balloon shaped just like a traditional Red Roses matryoshka nesting doll from Russia! Everyone loves this photo! :)

Matryoshka Nesting Doll Shaped Hot Air Balloon


2. Do you Google?

This beautiful illustration w...

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Russian: Конек Горбунок, Konek Gorbunok

Once upon a time there was a peasant family that owned one wheat field. One morning they found that during the night, someone had been trampling around in the field and ruining the wheat. The two elder brothers stood guard during the next two nights, but because of storms and cold winds they left the field, and in the morning it was trampled down even more. On the third night the youngest brother Ivan, whom everyone thought was the fool in the family, manag...

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What is it again? The Russian folk instrument known for its triangular shape. It generally has three strings and comes in prima (most common), secunda, alto, bass, contrabass, and piccolo (rare). It ranges in size from small (about 23 inches) to really big (over 6 feet).

Large BalalaikaA large balalaika

The balalaika consists of three major parts:

  1. The case or body. Segments of wood (6 or 7) are glued front to back.
  2. The neck. Contains frets.
  3. The head. Top of instrument where you can tune.

Interesting Tidbits on...

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The Perfect Amber Ring

Amber Ring

When choosing a ring that you want to fit perfectly, it is crucial to the length and size of fingers…

For example, long aristocratic fingers studded with massive rings with large stones, look unnatural – these rings are more suitable for girls with wider fingers. Another important factor is also the length of the nails. If you keep long nails, your fingers will seem longer too, thus you can go a little bit bigger. Some other ring advice? Decide where you are going to be wear...

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Russian: Колобок, Kolobok

Once upon a time an old man and woman lived in a village.

One day the old man said to the old woman: "Grandmother, go scrape in the flour-tin and sweep in the corn bin, perhaps you will get enough flour to make a Kolobok."

The old woman went off and scraped round the flour-tin and swept the bottom of the corn-bin and she got a couple of handfuls of flour.

She mixed the floor with sour cream and shaped it into a Kolobok – a kind of little round bun. Then she baked it in the ...

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Can you dance the Squat Dance?

Russian Folk Dancing

The Russian squat dance… aka the "kazachok" or "Kozachok dance," "Cossack dance," "Gopak dance," "Hopak dance," and that "dance where you kick your feet out while your arms are crossed," is not only fun, but interesting and a great way to get in shape!

Did you know it is believed that the dance originated as a way of fighting? It is true… men practiced the squat dance to enhance their muscles and endurance. Cossacks, soldiers, sailors, officers, and fist fighters danced this d...

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Icons from The Russian Store

The tradition of crafting Icons in Russia goes back a long time. Apparently it all began sometime around the year 988 A.D. It was then that Orthodox Christians occupied much of Russia, and they took their religion and their art very seriously. There were very strict rules for making these icons in the old days, but the end result was the same as today; something that could be hung on a wall in a home or church that people could look to everyday as a reminder of their faith. Many people also pray...

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Nesting Doll

A Lil’ Nesting Doll Poem

There once was a Russian nesting doll.
She was 4 inches wide and 9 inches tall.
She was made by hand of linden wood,
and then painted on – really, really good.

Red roses decorated her shawl,
and bright, happy colors covered her all.
Her cheeks were round, pink, and plump.
She was most certainly happy, not a grump!

She came apart at the middle one day,
because someone human wanted to play.
Out came 9 more beautiful dolls,
each one wearing a famous Russian shawl.

The human counted ever...

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Russian: По щучьему велению, Po schuschemu veleniyu

Once upon a time there lived an old man who had three sons, two of them clever young men and the third, Emelya, a fool. The two elder brothers were always at work, while Emelya lay on the stove ledge all day long with not a care in the world.

One day the two brothers rode away to market, and their wives said:

"Go and fetch some water, Emelya."

And Emelya, lying on the stove ledge, replied:

"Not I. I don’t want to."

"Go, Emelya, or your brothers will ...

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Porcelain Dolls, Russian Style

Porcelain is a ceramic material created from clay and water. The mixture is molded and then heated at temperature above 2,000 F. Usually in order to create a more realistic skin tone the color is added to porcelain. If there’s no color added and the doll is left un-glazed it is called bisque doll. Bisque dolls are the most expensive and the most exquisite.

Porcelain dolls have always been in demand. Some are very rare and collectors have to pay a lot of money to get them. Others are relatively ch...

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Everyone loves a good joke, and the "in Soviet Russia" jokes are adaptable to just about anything, making them popular and fun.

But where did this Russian style joke come from?

Yakov Naumovich Pokhis, a.k.a. Yakov "Soviet Russia" Smirnoff is the comedian who conjured up this Russian reversal joke.

In America, you can always find a party.
In Soviet Russia, Party always find you!

Yakov Smirnoff was born in the USSR 1951. In 1977 he came to the United States and on July 4th 1986 he became a US citizen. ...

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