Autumn Breeze Wool Shawl

Autumn Breeze Wool Shawl

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This beautiful Russian wool shawl with silk fringes has a earth-toned color scheme which brings to mind to mind all the colors associated with fall. The shawl itself is a deep brown, while oranges, muted greens, and burgundy provide a nice compliment to the color scheme. To give the shawl a feeling of vibrancy, and color, pink flowers are added. The pink flowers are located next to orange flowers which allow a natural transition between the darker colors, to the more vibrant pink. It provides a nice accent, and contrast, without clashing. The colors blend together nicely without competing for attention in the beautiful floral pattern. All of our Russian wool Shawls are imported from the Pavlovo Posad Shawl Factory located (where else, but) Russia. For over 200 years their award winning wool shawls have graced the shoulders of people looking for both warmth, and fashion. They are the only factory producing large quantities of shawls in the country of Russia, and their demand has been high since the factories inception. This is a larger shawl measuring 57 1/2 inches in length. This style is perfect for being worn either on the shoulders, or around the waist. Don't think that the shawls are only a fashion accessory though! They are also an extracellent piece of home decor, put one on your walls to create a tapestry that will add a unique, beautiful, and eye catching accent to any room. The color scheme is perfect for grabbing attention, but not demanding it. Throw it over a chair, on a TV stand, on a table underneath glass, on the back of a couch ... the possibilities are endless for this versatile Russian wool shawl.

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  • Imported from Russia
  • Shawl measures 57 1/2" x 57 1/2" (146 cm x 146 cm)
  • Silk fringes about 4 1/2" long
  • Dry Clean Only
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Additional Information

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