Antique Icon - Holy Nicholas the Wonderworker

Antique Icon - Holy Nicholas the Wonderworker

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This antique Holy Nicholas the Wonderworker Icon beautifully shows a Saint Nicholas of Myra - Defender of Orthodoxy, Wonderworker (Николай Чудотворец), and Holy Hierarch. He is offering his blessings with his right hand raised and cradling the book of Holy Gospels with his left hand. (The Mother of God by his right shoulder and Jesus to his left). St. Nicholas is dressed in a vestment of gilt silver, like those of clothes worn by high-ranking members of the clergy. On his head he wears mitre, the traditional Eastern Orthodox ceremonial head-dress of clergy.

This impressive icon is encased in a silver oklad (оклад) with riza (риза) as the halo around St. Nicholas's head. Oklad means “covered" (Russian: оклад) and it is the one-piece metal ornamental cover that are used to intricately decorate icons. Riza means “robe" (Russian: риза), and so it can be said that the covering is decorative, and used as a way to honor the icon. The back of the icon is wrapped in blue satin fabric; which was added later, to protect wood.

"AK" (assayer's mark, Andrey Kovalskiy; in Cyrillic)
1881 (Year icon was made)
84 (Russian silver equivalent to 875)
Image of St. George on horse towards right of the stamp, is a hallmark of Moscow

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  • Made in 1881 in Russia
  • Silver metal is 84 zol. or 875/1000
  • Hallmark stamp(s): "AK" - "1881" - "84" - image of St. George on a horse
  • "AK" = assayer's mark, Andrey Kovalskiy (in Cyrillic)
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Additional Information

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