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Amber Necklaces

From our amber beaded necklaces to our polished cabochons set in sterling silver, our selection of Russian imported amber necklaces is second to none. Elegant, timeless, and always an attention grabber, our amber necklaces are perfect for any occasion.

Amber. Loved and admired.

From the old times amber has been attracting people with its fascinating beauty and wondrous almost magical qualities. It is warm and cheerful, healing and protective, energetic and wise.

This mineral has been the most favorite gemstone from the ancient times. Strictly speaking it is not a mineral but the product of life cycle of living organisms, the fossil resin of cone-bearing trees. It is a mysterious evidence of eternity, a warm drop of sun on your skin.

Some think it should look like solidified honey but amber shades are numerous starting with all yellow and orange variations and including such rare colors as white, honey, cognac, cherry and even blue. It can be clear transparent as a tear and that explains a poetic name given to amber centuries ago, “tears of the sea”, as well as opaque creamy or butterscotch color shades. The most valued pieces contain inclusions of organic nature such as plants, insects, air bubbles and pyrites. Amber with inner inclusions compiles about 10 % of all amber world stock.

Amber. Highly priced and valued.

Amber has been one of the first and earliest gemstones used for adornments. No doubt it makes its owner charming, attractive and quite bright looking. Old Romans considered a skillfully carved amber figurine more highly priced than a young and strong slave.

Yantarnaya (Amber) Village in Kaliningrad region of Russia on the coast of the Baltic Sea is the richest location in amber production which makes nearly 90% of all amber that is mined or washed ashore. The Baltic Sea can be exceedingly generous with amber during the storms and such occasions have been called Amber Storms. In 1800 about 150 barrels of amber was collected on the Baltic coast of Poland after one of the most productive storms. In 1862 the boisterous sea washed nearly 22T (4500lb) of amber on the shore. In 1878 the amount of amber drawn out with the storm by Yantarnaya Village was so bountiful that the locals kept collecting it for several years. The calculations state that about 125 million tons of amber has been accumulated in the Baltic region for 3 millenniums.

For centuries amber has not just been used in jewelry making but also in creating very practical items such as trinket boxes, cigar-cases and clocks. The legendary Amber Room in Catherine Palace of Tsarskoe Selo near Saint Petersburg was created by German craftsmen in 1701 and recreated by Russian artists after the Second World War. It has justifiably been called the eighth and the ninth wonder of the world and is undoubtedly one of the most visited sights.

The Russian Store sells authentic and unique Baltic amber that is of great value and consistently in demand.

Amber. Refined and shaped.

Kaliningrad Russian craftsmen are respectful of the natural beauty of the sunny gem. Amber is highly fragile and refining it leads to decrease of its primary natural size which in its turn increases the price. Rich color spectrum, variety of forms and peculiar design of amber itself motivate the artists for creating the frames that highlight but by no means distract the viewer’s attention from the natural beauty of the gem. Preserving the natural shape of the stones makes jewelry accessory unique since each stone differs from the other. For the same reason – to respect the natural amber elegancy – very simple, oftentimes organic material threads are used for necklaces. Another particularity of Kaliningrad jewelry masters is using the assortment of other Ural natural minerals alongside with amber.

A necklace has been one of the prime and earliest fashion accessories of all times in all cultures. Nowadays they come in variety of lengths and styles. Since no neck is created equal length is the important factor to consider when shopping for necklaces. Several standard necklace lengths are:

  • Collar, 12-16 inches, is placed directly above the collarbone and look best when are worn without other necklaces or paired with the low style one.
  • Choker, 16 inches, sits on the neck or rests on collarbone and can be paired with long opera style necklace.
  • Princess necklace that sits just below the collarbone is 18 inches long and looks good when paired with the V-neck.
  • Matinee necklace is 22 inches rests above or at the center of the bust and is the best to layer with other length jewelry.
  • Opera length is 30 inches sits below or near the belly button and since it falls so low a variety of other necklaces are suitable.
  • Rope or lariat is 34 inches long can be tied off and fashioned in many ways.

Our elegant, charming and timeless amber necklaces are perfect for any occasion.

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