10 Pcs. Winter Troyka Sleigh

10 Pcs. Winter Troyka Sleigh

Item No. ND01124A10

This Russian nesting doll features some of the finest painting we have ever seen on a nesting doll. Every little nuance is masterfully painted with care. The largest of the dolls feature troika (three-abreast) horses being ridden in front of a village on a winter day. You can see the rosy cheeks of the passengers, as well as their animated faces giving life to the scenery. The horses kick up snow as they gallop across the landscape in exquisite detail

As the theme of this nesting doll is Russian troikas, you will see different depictions of them on the smaller dolls as well as the largest. As you open each doll you're greeted with another piece of art. The third largest doll features the charmingly absurd painting of a Russian bear driving a troika. All of the paintings are truly made with love, and you'll be inspired to inspect each one thoroughly as the minutest details really pop out.

This dolls also feature the traditional motifs seen in Russian nesting dolls as well, extracept that they're much more elegant, and pronounced, in this doll. The face of the girl which adorns each doll is beautifully painted with rosy cheeks, red lips, reddish/blonde hair, and bright vibrant blue eyes full of life. The girl is wearing a fur coat, as you can see the outline around her face, and around the paintings which adorn each doll. The back of the doll features the intricate details of her shawl, and dress.

This doll is hand-painted, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind, imported from Russia, features a high gloss lacquered finish which really makes it shine, and is signed "'Russian Winter' 10 pcs Supervisor: Neverov S.F. Artist: Vyaznikova I.E. - Moscow". This Russian nesting doll makes a great piece of home decor that will be cherished, and garnered with compliments for years to come.

Russian nesting dolls like this make a great piece of home decor due to the balance between their gorgeous artistic element, and their traditional folksy charm. They're at once pieces of fine art, but they also have that element of accessibility, and friendliness that will warm up any room - it's ironic since Russian winters are anything but warm!

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  • Largest Doll is 11 1/4" Tall
  • Includes 10 Pieces
  • Signed by the artist!
  • One of a Kind!
  • Imported from Russia
Additional Information

Additional Information

CategoryNesting Dolls
# of Pieces10
ThemeWinter Fun
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