1 1/4" Tall Tiny Hello Kitty Nesting Doll

1 1/4" Tall Tiny Hello Kitty Nesting Doll

Item No. ND00038A05

This unique nesting doll is imported directly from Russia. It's hand carved from birch wood and hand painted by Russian artist. Open it up and it reveals a set of smaller Hello Kitty dolls inside. Makes a great gift for a collector of miniatures or a Hello Kitty fanatic! The largest doll measures about 1 1/4" in height, and the last one is about 3/16" tall. These dolls are very small and are not intended for children, rather for a collector. These are the smallest nesting dolls ever created in Russia.

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  • Handmade and imported from Russia
  • 5 pieces in set
  • First doll is about 1 1/4" tall
  • Last doll is about 3/16" tall
  • Very small, not intended for young children
  • For ages 10 & older
Additional Information

Additional Information

CategoryNesting Dolls
# of Pieces5
ThemeAnimals, Cartoons
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