Odd and Funny Uses for Nesting Dolls

I saw a movie called Transsiberian the other day, and noticed that nesting dolls played a role in the plot, and were used in a way that was most certainly non-traditional. It got me thinking of other non-traditional ways that one could use a Nesting Doll. This was what I came up with:

Do you have a rodent problem, but don’t want to buy a trap? Well if you have a nesting doll you can make your own! (Cheese not included with purchase of nesting dolls)

If you’re like me, your top secret documents are constantly being found by spies! Well if you have a nesting doll, just hide all your plans, blue prints, and other sensitive materials in there. (Note: probably will not work on Russian spies.)

It’s raining outside, and you lost your hat. Or maybe you just live in a society where it socially unacceptable to go outside in a hat. Perhaps you just want to stay one step ahead of the fashion elite. Well then a nesting doll is what you need! You laugh now, but it’s just a matter of time before you see models wearing nesting dolls walking down the runaway.

That’s what I came up with; just imagine all the other uses for the Nesting Doll!

The possibilities are endless! :)