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There is always more to learn about the rich history of Russian culture. Browse through some of these links if you’re interested in expanding your knowledge on Russian life & people.

General Culture:

Get acquainted with all things Russia with this overview of the culture of Russia and its people:

An in depth history on various forms of Russian culture including literature, painting, and architecture, and their effect on Russian traditions, worldviews, and politics, as well as its impact on the world: now offers travelers and visitors with unsurpassed access to local establishments in the travel and hospitality business.


Recipes, recipes, and more recipes. Learn the fine art of Russian cooking from borscht to pirozhki as you navigate through these sites:

Wondering what Russian foods to cook for Easter Sunday this year? Check out what’s on the menu at:

Or if you’d prefer to see some Russian Language Recipes:

History & Religion:

A vault of information regarding Russian & Soviet history from folk traditions to economic policies, you can find it here:

Learn the dates of various Russian Holidays:

Did you know Mikhail Lomonosovis considered Russia’s “first and the greatest” scientist, or that the scientific studies of Ivan Pavlov lasted more than six decades? Find out more about Famous Russian Scientists here:

Did you know Siberia is the coldest place on earth with temperatures reaching -70 degrees Celsius below zero? Or that Russia is nearly twice the size of the entire United States? There’s always more to learn:

Here’s an interesting piece on the Russian soul & identity:

Geography & Travel:

Information about the Trans Siberian Railway Tours:

Trans Siberian Railway Tours

Wonderful pictures and information on the beautiful landscapes and natural wonders of Russia:

Information regarding various cities, and towns in Russia, presented alongside beautiful photographs:


A news site with articles, opinion, and editorials pertaining to Russia:


A great site for learning Russian grammer… and fun too!