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The Russian Blue Cat…

Mother Russia’s cat breed… the Russian Blue.

The Russian Blue (aka archangel blue) is known for its intelligence, playfulness, companionship, and of course, its silvery-blue coat. Some Russian blues are smart enough to learn interesting tricks, and they are playful enough to actually play “catch” like a dog. They are extremely friendly and loving towards their owners, but can sometimes be shy around strangers. Their somewhat magical blue-grey coat is thick and short-haired and their eyes are usually green.

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A ‘Lil Glass Figurine Poem

gf00005a01 There once was a cute figurine.
It was smaller than an egg, but bigger than a bean.
It sat on a narrow windowsill,
but when the sun came out, it was not still…

gf00245a01It painted the room with rays of color,
But it felt as though it needed another.
So to The Russian Store I went,
to buy more figurines than I meant.

gf00905a01Now I have a big collection of these.
Cute little animal figurines.
They brighten the room and my day,
with the rainbow of colors they easily play.

gf00360a01Hand-blown glass with precision and detail
delivered straight to your door through the mail!
From fish to birds, to dogs to cows,
I say, “get as much as the bank allows!”

The Russian Bear

There are many symbols for Russia. Perhaps because it is so big and so full of rich history. Nesting dolls, Ushanka hats, caviar, the ballet, etc… but this short blog post is about one symbol in particular – the Russian bear.


The bear has been associated with Russia for a long time, at least since the 17th century. It has been incorporated in cartoons, articles, dramatic plays, toys, and more. It has been seen in both positive and negative depictions about Russia, but today it is considered a positive symbol for Russia. For instance, there were times when the bear was viewed as big, slow, and clumsy… but now we look at it as powerful, intelligent, and noble.

With an optimistic view of Russian bears, you will see them everywhere… If you do an image search for “Russian bear” you will most likely get pictures of bears (cartoon depictions as well as real live bears) doing all sorts of things… riding a unicycle, dancing in the street, etc., but one of the most common images related to Russia and bears, is the balalaika playing bear.


Bear Facts:

  • The most common species of the Russian bears is the brown bear. Brown bears can weigh between 220 and 1,400 lbs!
  • Misha” the bear was the mascot of the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games.
  • It has been said that when U.S. President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear on a hunting trip, the iconic “teddy-bear” was manufactured.


About Russian Zhostovo

Russian Zhostovo Platters & Trays

The people of the Zhostovo village have been involved in harnessing their skill of making decorative trays for over 150 years. The trays carry brilliant images of bouquets, gardens and flowers against black background highlighting the diversity of nature. This tradition of tray making began sometime in the 18th century. This art of tray making was pioneered by Filipp Nikitich Vishnyakov. Continue reading

Hey! Cute animals here!

A bunch of adorable dogs, lucky elephants, colorful birds, elegant horses, silly bunnies, and SO MUCH MORE crazy creatures and characters, are hanging out at The Russian Store, waiting for you to adopt them!

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