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Hans Christian Andersen Birthday

The Russian Store celebrates Hans Christian Andersen Birthday and International Children’s Book Day


Tale of the Snow Queen Nesting Doll

The Snow Queen
by Hans Christian Andersen

Once upon a time a magician made a magic mirror. In this mirror, a kind face became wicked; a look of hate was reflected as a look of love. One day, however, the mirror broke, and if a sliver of glass from the mirror entered someone’s eye, that person’s soul became evil, if another pierced a heart, that heart grew hard and cold as ice. Continue reading

Russian Fairytale: Tale Of Tsar Saltan And Three Sisters

Tale of Tsar Saltan Nesting Doll

Tale Of Tsar Saltan And Three Sisters Nesting Doll

Tale Of Tsar Saltan And Three Sisters
by Alexander Pushkin

Long ago in a faraway kingdom, three sisters were sitting on the bench in front of their house in the courtyard talking, imagining what they would do if they were married to Tsar Saltan. One said that she would prepare a great feast for the entire world. The next said that she would weave linen for the entire world. The third said that she would give the tsar “an heir, handsome and brave beyond compare.”

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Russian Fairytale: The Golden Fish

Once upon a time an old man and his wife lived on the shore of the blue sea. They were poor and lived in an old mud hut. He made a living by fishing, while his wife spun cloth. One day he caught a small golden fish in his net. The fish begged him, “Let me go, old man. I will reward you for my freedom by giving you anything you desire.” The fisherman was astonished and frightened because he had never before heard a fish speak. He let the fish go and said kindly to her, “God bless you, golden fish. I don’t need anything from you.” Continue reading

Read This Russian Fairytale Baba Yaga & The Wicked Geese

 Tell this story with this Baba Yaga Russian Fairytale Nesting Doll!

Once upon a time, there lived a man and his wife. They had a daughter and a little son. One day the mother said to her daughter: “Darling, your father and I are going to work. Take care of your brother, keep an eye on him and don’t leave the house. Be a good girl and we will bring you a present”. Continue reading

Russian Fairytale: Kolobok, Round Bun

Kolobok Nesting DollKolobok Children's Book

Once upon a time an old man and woman lived in a village.

One day the old man said to the old woman: “Grandmother, go scrape in the flour-tin and sweep in the corn bin, perhaps you will get enough flour to make a Kolobok.”

The old woman went off and scraped round the flour-tin and swept the bottom of the corn-bin and she got a couple of handfuls of flour.

She mixed the floor with sour cream and shaped it into a Kolobok – a kind of little round bun. Then she ba

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Russian Fairytale: Ruslan and Ludmila

In days long since past, Prince Vladimir of Kiev held a magnificent feast in honor of the marriage of his daughter Ludmila and the knight Ruslan. Three jealous suitors looked on – Rogday, Farlaf, and Ratmir. The festivities lasted for hours and when they were over, Ruslan led his beautiful young bride to the waiting nuptial bed. Suddenly a light flashed through the night sky and a clap of thunder shook the ground. A strange mist appeared and from somewhere inside it a strange voice spoke. Ruslan turned to embrace his bride, but she had vanished without a trace.

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Russian Fairytale: The Firebird and Princess Vassilissa

Firebird Russian Lacquer Box

In a certain kingdom, in a thrice-ten realm that lay far away, beyond the thrice-nine lands, there once lived a mighty king. The king had an archer who was as brave as he was strong, and the archer had a horse that was as strong as it was fleet of foot. One day the archer got on his horse and rode off to the forest to hunt.

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Russian Fairytale: By The Pike’s Wish

In one village there lived three brothers. The two elder brothers were successful merchants, but the youngest brother was a fool named Emelya who slept on the stove all day long. Once it happened that when he went to the ice-hole for water and he caught a magic pike. The pike asked him to let her go free and promised him to grant any of his wishes. “Just say these magic words: ‘By the pike’s wish, at my command,’ and everything will be done” the pike said. Emelya agreed.

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Russian Fairytale: Tale of the Golden Cockerel

Golden Cockerel Book

Somewhere in a Thrice-Nine kingdom there lived the famous Tsar Dadon. When he was young, he was fierce and brave, so, all his neighbors were afraid of him. But when he grew old he wanted to live in peace, to have a rest from wars, but then his neighbors began to make him much trouble often invading his kingdom. To defend the kingdom borders the Tsar had to maintain a mighty army, which fought day and night, led by the glorious chiefs practically without sleeping. Tsar Dadon and his army were so tired that the Tsar decided to ask for help the wise Astrologer, old eunuch from the east.

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Russian Fairytale: Tale of Baba Yaga (The Russian Witch)

Once upon a time an old man, a widower, lived alone in a hut with his daughter Natasha. Very merry the two of them were together, and they used to smile at each other over a table piled with bread and jam, and play peek-a-boo, first this side of the samovar, and then that. Everything went well, until the old man took it into his head to marry again.

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