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Troika style

Find a wonderful collection of Russian troika themed nesting dolls! The Russian Store has lovely troika themed matryoshkas to choose from, as well as troika themed lacquer boxes.

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  • Russian Troika Nested Doll

    Russian Troika Nested Doll

    This beautiful Russian Troika nested doll was imported straight from Russia. It...

    Item # ND02167A05

  • Tiny Troika Matrioshka

    Tiny Troika Matrioshka

    This 1 3/8" tall nesting doll is small enough to fit in any pocket. It was...

    Item # ND00146A05

  • Collectible Russian Troika Doll

    Collectible Russian Troika Doll

    This collectible Troika doll was painted with vibrant colors, gold accents, and...

    Item # ND02178A07

7 product(s)

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